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Selectronic, a dynamic event series celebrating diverse electronic music genres, connected artists with passionate electronic music enthusiasts. Inspired by various realms, Selectronic offered a unique music experience with conceptual stage designs.

Debuting in Frankhan, Selectronic featured iconic figures like Kevin Saunderson and Chaos In The CBD alongside local talents Feyza Emir, Merve Baykal, and Levonjoje, blending emotional harmonies with high-energy techno.

As it geared up for its second edition on February 10th at the Volkswagen Arena, Selectronic presented Selectist, promising an elevated experience. Headlined by Ben UFO, Sedef Adası, Jonny Rock, and Zozo, the event showcased techno craftsmanship in a mesmerizing setting.


"Are You Disco?" is a meticulously curated music event series by Selectist, inviting artists and enthusiasts to revel in the vibrant world of disco culture. Drawing inspiration from the glamorous 70s era, each event offers an immersive experience with dazzling disco balls, iconic stage names, and glittering attire.

Past editions have seen legendary acts like Pino D’angio, Crazy P Soundsystem, Jamie 3:26 alongside local talents, while upcoming events promise equally exhilarating performances from Folamour and Crystal Waters. With its pulsating beats and infectious energy, "Are You Disco?" promises unforgettable nights of dance and celebration for all who attend.


'Word is Bond' is a hip-hop-rooted event series that champions honesty and integrity. Guided by this ethos, we are committed to bringing artists our community genuinely desires, fostering meaningful connections, and creating unforgettable experiences. Through curated events, we spread culture and cultivate a strong sense of community.

The inaugural edition featured Slum Village, co-founded by J Dilla, at Babylon on April 29, 2023. The second edition, held at Frankhan on January 13, 2024, showcased the legendary Mobb Deep with an opening concert by Şam.

The upcoming installment, scheduled for March 1, 2024, will feature The Pharcyde. We remain steadfast in our commitment to 'Word is Bond', ensuring that we always deliver on our promises.